Hello new faces, old friends, grocery store acquaintances… friends of friends; Clients of mine. Thank you for supporting my work and seeking professional hair and scalp health benefits; This is a whole new world. Health and manageability are always the main objectives and communication and accountability are paramount. Greyscale Salon is where confidence means finding balance. In my life I am always seeking balance and I find it easier to do so, when my appearance is off of my mind. Feeling comfortable in our skin means living more fulfilled, and recalibrating your main accessory will ensure your ability to achieve this. For me, Greyscale Salon is a community. Building community begins with grace and empathetic interaction. Im here to listen and through my art and education, achieve wearable, healthy, gorgeous looks; And as a client of Greyscale Salon, you will gain the confidence you need to focus on your passions, goals and all important aspects of your life.
 “Life’s importance is not that of material and appearances, but of the time we take for the people that make life lovely.”
“As we lived a life of ease, everyone of us, thats all we need.”
-The Beatles
 I dedicate my work to my dad, Ted. “The Lost Allman Brother” who was and still is larger than life.