Allisha Hall

What I so much enjoy about going to you and your salon is the feeling of personalization. You truly do care about your clients well being as well as their hair. That is shown to me because every time I leave Greyscale salon I feel better, more refreshed, than when I came. You also really know how to tailor to your clients needs. An example of this is that I am a pretty simple gal when it comes to my hair, however I have an underlying desire to do something different. As my stylist you know how branching out of my comfort zone is a bit more cautionary than most, but you know that and do not pressure me or make me feel like my concerns are silly. I have complete trust in you, your artistic ability and the knowledge you have when it comes to hair care and life in general. I look forward to seeing your salon develop and evolve even more this new year of 2016. I have a feeling it is going to be a great one for you and for all of your clients fabulous healthy hair!